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Katahdin Log Home Floor Plans

Cabin Run specializes in building Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. Log Home industry leaders since 1973, Katahdin Cedar Log Homes has been manufacturing quality solid cedar log homes and log cabins that set the standard for all others.

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Located in northern Maine, Katahdin Cedar Log Homes has unique access to one of the few remaining major stands of northern white cedar in the United States.  By selectively using this local resource and employing their proven 5-step inspection process, Katahdin can provide the highest quality cedar at pine prices.

Things to know about cedar log homes:

  • Log Home Floor PlanNorthern white cedar logs protect a log home's interior against heat and cold better that any other commonly used wood.  With an R-value of 1.41/in. and a Thermal Mass Factor of 3.78, northern white cedar leaves other woods out in the cold.
  • Most people do not know that Pine logs have 2.5 times more water content than Cedar logs.  The excessive moisture in a pine log can lead to a host of problems.  That's one reason that Cabin Run Contracting crafts log homes and cabins with northern white cedar.
  • Katahdin northern white cedar logs create their own natural preservative and as a result our log homes have a natural longevity against rot and decay, minimizing the maintenance required on our quality log homes.

We encourage you to visit Katahdin's Log Home Plans area.   If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Click Here to visit the Katahdin Cedar Log Home Floor Plan Gallery